Tame a Wild Wind (Wild, #2) Cynthia Woolf

ISBN: 9780983937296

Published: March 20th 2012


236 pages


Tame a Wild Wind (Wild, #2)  by  Cynthia Woolf

Tame a Wild Wind (Wild, #2) by Cynthia Woolf
March 20th 2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 236 pages | ISBN: 9780983937296 | 8.37 Mb

I read the first book and was not really impressed. I thought perhaps I was being too judgmental and should give the author a chance to redeem herself, I thought maybe the first book was just a one time miss and this book would make me see that this author was really as good as all the 4 & 5 star reviews claimed.I dont know what to say - If anything, there were more typos in this book than in the last one!

Also this story was filled with just as many errors/inconsistencies as the first book.First and foremost - the author marries Cassie off to Rafe (Duncan & Catherines foreman in the book Tame a Wild Heart) in the first book - it was right there in the epilogue - and I quote :I was over at Rafe and Cassie’s today. He told me they’re expecting,” said Duncan.Woolf, Cynthia (2014-01-07). Tame A Wild Heart, a western romance (Tame Series) (Kindle Locations 3410-3411). . Kindle Edition. Well, in this book there is no mention of Rafe and Cassie was widowed - having been married to a man named Michael OMalley.

HOW CAN AN AUTHOR FORGET WHO SHE MARRIED HER HEROINE OFF TO IN THE PREVIOUS BOOK??? Unforgivable - that is not the only mistake - it is just the most glaring.I will not even bother with the next book - I tried and even gave this author a second chance - apparently many people enjoyed this book, I just wasnt one of them. I said it about the last book and I will repeat it in this review - this author needs a better editor and at the very least a proofreader. I couldnt write a book, so I give her credit for that, but if you are going to expect people to give you their hard earned money in exchange for your work - make sure your work has been checked and double checked before you put it out there.

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