SolSys 11 (The Alzubra Chronicles Book 2) D. Lee Knight



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SolSys 11 (The Alzubra Chronicles Book 2)  by  D. Lee Knight

SolSys 11 (The Alzubra Chronicles Book 2) by D. Lee Knight
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There’s liquid water deep beneath Europa’s frozen surface, Earth’s best scientists are confidant of that! And within that subterranean sea they believe there exist primitive life forms. A first manned mission goes lost, SolSys 2 destroyed by a meteor shower as it approaches that moon of Jupiter. Who better to captain a second than Alzubra Kant, the heroine who developed a serum to defeat the deadly Apoc-B bacterium over ten years prior? Without that remedy man’s reign on Earth would have ended.Obstacles abound as Captain and crew rocket to Jupiter aboard SolSys 3, unloading their drilling rig, beginning the arduous task of discovering what lies beneath Europa’s icy mantle.

They’ll need all the luck in the universe to succeed in their mission and return to Earth before they run out of oxygen. With communication between Earth and their craft lost, the overwhelmed men and women of Solsys find themselves entirely on their own. Or are they?...

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